Schwarzkopf IGORA Vario Blond Super Plus Lightening Powder Bleach Blue 450gr



Schwarzkopf Igora Vario Powder Blond Bleach Blue OR White Dust-Reduced 450g

SILVER WHITE TUB Super, is blue powder

Schwarzkopf Vario Blond Bleach 450g

IGORA VARIO BLOND products offer the highest level in performance; reliable blonde shades for ultra-highlights, which achieve the desired cool tones only a hairdresser can provide.

Product Benefits:

Ultimate lift with extra conditioning

Reliable anti-yellow effect

Creme consistency for safe and even application

PLUS up to 7 levels of lift.

Extra cool blonde results with IGORA VARIO BLOND COOL LIFT

Up to 8 levels of lift with IGORA VARIO BLOND EXTRA POWER

Professional use only

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Weight 0.490 kg